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Sleeping Giant

Private investigator ¬†Alex J. Everhart takes on a highly dangerous case given to him from a desperate client, he is there last hope of finding out what happened to their missing family member. he’ll head down to the under belly of the most corrupt sector of the mega space station, Avalon.

Warwick:hunters and knights

Champions from across time and space are all brought to the tower, they are the marked, the cursed, and the damn. The tower has a strange power over them, twisting their perception of reality, bending their hearts and minds. The only thing keeping them going, and not withering under the dismal reality of the lost city of Verdun, is the reward that awaits them on the top of the tower.

wickArteriusprince-aladwinlasttigerofsabrodagustusCapillariescrowsteelAlliepaigefatherGodfreylivingsainthyndrickLadyhelenaofvermontsirstrlingthewallSirAdamdrakemaria the red